Loden Coats for Men

Loden Coats & Jackets

Landau Price: $550- $995

Traditionally Priced: $650 – $1200

If after reading the information below we’ve tempted you into looking at our Loden collection, please call us toll free at 1-800-257-9445 to discuss your options. There are special nuances in each Loden coat that can not be understood fully through the internet. We look forward to hearing from you!

For Men and Women.

Landau is proud to offer possibly the largest collection of Loden garments available anywhere outside of Austria, and certainly the widest variety of styles anywhere in the U.S. Jackets and coats in men’s sizes 34-52 (European sizes 44-62) and women’s sizes 2-20 (European sizes 32-50). All Landau Lodens are in stock at our Nassau Street shop and are shipped UPS from Princeton, NJ.

What’s So Special About a Landau Loden?

Authentic Austrian Loden cloth represents a legacy of tradition, craftsmanship and quality dating back to 1000 B.C.

LODEN is a PROCESS, NOT A STYLE, FABRIC or COLOR. Strong yarns are purposely woven loosely into cloth that then undergoes a lengthy wet finishing or milling process. The process causes the loosely woven fabric to shrink by a full third, to felt and to become quite dense. The cloth is then brushed with thistles, teased and then sheared… a cycle that is repeated up to 20 times, until the desired surface nap is achieved. This completes the LODEN process.

The finished fabric is very lightweight, has a supple hand, is so dense it is water resistant, windproof and is so durable that it assures the wearer comfort and satisfaction for many years.

From the classic Loden Hunting coats (shown), made of the traditional wool/alpaca fabric to the Loro Piana 100% merino superfine Lodens that weigh almost nothing, this is investment dressing that is functional, comfortable and beautiful.

The first LODENS were work garments worn by farmers, shepherds and hunters to guard against the elements of cold, wind, rain and snow. Function dictated that the wearer’s comfort and ease-of-movement were the top priorities.

Today’s LODEN COATS and JACKETS are all tailored with comfortable armholes to fit over suits and bulky sweaters, while retaining the original qualities that allow lightweight winter comfort, ease-of-movement, water and wind resistance and uncompromised durability.

We Invite You To Visit Our Shop opposite the University in Princeton!

Although we would be delighted to sell you a Loden Coat (or Jacket) online, we realize it is very difficult to determine size and to differentiate fabrics without trying the garments on. If at all possible, we invite you to our Nassau Street shop, across from Princeton University, to view our entire Loden collection, to feel all the different Loden fabrics, and to try on all of our authentic Austrian Lodens.

If visiting Princeton is not convenient, we’d be delighted to help you on our Toll Free line at 1-800-257-9445 to discuss availability and sizing. We invite you to explore our collection; see sketches using the buttons below. Our experience has shown that using drawings instead of photographs provides our customers with a more precise look at the tailoring details of each coat or jacket.

Princeton Shop Hours: 
Monday-Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm 
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Princeton Shop Phone: 800-257-9445

All of our Lodens are meticulously tailored in Europe.

If you would like to order a Landau Loden please call 800-257-9445 during shop hours so we can confirm availability and assist you in determining the correct size. Our delivery for Fall/Winter 2018/2019 has arrived. However, due to continuing fabric shortages, inventory in Austria is limited. If we have your special Loden in stock NOW, we suggest you order as soon as possible. Don't wait until we have sold out in your preferred style, size and color. If you have any questions, need any assistance or would like to personally discuss your potential Loden purchase with Landau, please call us toll-free at (800) 257-9445.